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Cloud Accelerator

BUI’s Cloud Accelerator Assessment provides high precision data driven analytics combined with powerful automation that enable clients to make accurate cloud decisions faster and easier.

Ready to Move to Cloud?

Are you ready to transform your business with Microsoft Azure Cloud technology but unsure of all the unknown complexities and what it will cost?

We can help your organization on this journey with our Cloud Accelerator Assessment Service.


Business Outcomes

This assessment provides the information needed to evaluate cloud readiness, plan your cloud adoption and execute with efficiency.

Automated Application and

Infrastructure Inventory

Cloud Suitability and

Readiness Analysis

Total Cost of Ownership


Receive a detailed performance analysis of on-premises compute, storage, and network resources for each workload, including:
  • peak CPU utilization
  • allocated and peak RAM GPG
  • storage capacity
  • occupancy
  • IOPS
Based on the Inventory:
  • application grouping and dependency mapping
  • a recommended migration strategy
  • identified risks
  • high-level migration plan
Calculate the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of moving to the cloud based on recommended right-sized compute, storage, and network settings.
  • Break down projected costs by compute, storage, and network, and drill down to individual workloads to understand costs at a micro level.
  • Identify cost savings strategies and reduction of resource waste

Duration:  2 Weeks

  • Week 1 – Information Gathering

    Run environment assessment tool(s) to determine workload, performance, cost and dependencies

  • Week 2 – Planning and Analysis

    Data processing, migration planning considering risks, cloud services, costs, security and readiness

  • 1 Day – Executive Presentation

    High-level migration plan with cost analysis, right-sizing and service recommendation

Week 1

Information Gathering

  • Assessment of the environment
  • Install Agents
  • Performance Analysis
  • Cloud Comparison
  • Cost Breakdown
  • Workload Mapping
  • Planning and Forecasting

Week 2

Planning and Analysis

  • Automated Application and Infrastructure Inventory
  • Application Grouping
  • Application Dependency Mapping
  • Cloud Suitability Analysis
  • Cloud Readiness Analysis

1 Day

Executive Presentation

  • High-level Cost Visibility
  • Billing Analysis and Reports
  • Charge-back and Cost Allocation
  • Right-sizing Advisor
  • Resource Waste and Cost Savings

Assessment partnership

BUI utilizes Azure native and 3rd party assessment tools.  For 3rd party tooling, we partnered with Cloudamize .  Our offer includes the first 25 nodes for automatic resource scanning.  If additional nodes required, it will be catered for separately.

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