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Cybersecurity Assessment

BUI’s cybersecurity assessment will provide you with insights into your business’ security posture and risks.

Success starts with security. Choosing the right security partner should never carry the same stress as having to deal with a security breach.  The most effective way to protect against exposure to vulnerabilities is to develop intelligence around your assets via assessment and to harden these systems to minimise your attack landscape.  The BUI team have in-depth knowledge and experience across several next generation solutions that are redefining the way that the world looks at information security.


Business Outcomes

BUI follows the NIST Cyber Security Framework and we included four of the five Core Functions from the NIST CSF: Identify, Protect, Detect and Respond. With BUI as your cyber security partner, you’ll not only be able to leverage our experience and expertise – to protect what matters most to you, your digital assets, we will assess your cybersecurity program and provide a measurable and progressive roadmap to improve your security posture.

Security Program Effectiveness

Assess your organization’s current security program across up to 20 domains as per NIST controls.

Company Risk Score

Determine your company’s security posture, presented as a risk score per section, highlighting key risk areas.

Cybersecurity Risks Report

Information Security gap assessment and remediation roadmap report.

Prioritised Security Investments

Develop a cybersecurity strategy aligned to your business goals and help prioritise security investments.

Duration:  5 Days

  • Day 1 – Data Gathering and Information

    Initial kick-off meeting, gathering data through interviews and running assessment tools.

  • Day 2 – Interview Series Round 1

    NIST Cyber Security Controls 1 -10

  • Day 3 – Interview Series Round 2

    NIST Cyber Security Controls 11-20

  • Day 4 – Analysis

    Benchmark and Inventory Analysis

  • Day 5 – Feedback

    Cyber Security Critical Findings discussion and mitigation roadmap

Want to embed cyber security at the heart of your business?

We can help you protect your digital assets. The cyber ecosystem is become very complex and  lightning fast. While it’s necessary to invest in protection, incidents will occur. Rapid response is key to minimizing brand damage and financial loss. Protection, detection and response are interdependent. Leading practice needs a cohesive relationship between technology risk, information security, forensics and operational teams.


Understand what information is most valuable, where its located, and its impact on employees and consumers.


How to manage resilience for new systems, projects, product launches cost effectively.


Detect anomalous activities in a timely manner and understand the impact.


Be prepared!  Define a respond plan for the unforeseen major system outage or customer information breach.

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