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Our Commitment

We get things done

We consult with our customers, we consolidate our plans, and then we work to deliver results that impress.

We add value

We are teachers as well as technologists. We show our customers how to unlock the full potential of their IT Investment so they can work smarter and faster.

We give our all

We bring our best selves to every project. Our customers have access to 120 certified professionals who believe in above-and-beyond service delivery.

Willem Malan, Chief Operations Officer for BUI

“The use of hyper-scale public cloud has become mainstream. This is driven by customers across the business landscape. As businesses are digitally transforming, some customers are landing their first workload in the cloud while others are going all in. We’ve seen an upswing in customers laying out a roadmap to fully transition to cloud and shutting down their own data centre infrastructure or exiting legacy hosting providers’ contracts. The exciting projects are where customers can now innovate using technology such as AI – where this just isn’t feasible using on-premises infrastructure. We’ve moved out of the hype cycle and into mass adoption and value realisation.”

Cloud Services Catalog

BUI’s Cloud Managed Services leverage off expert cloud skills, strong monitoring and management insights and innovative security solutions to provide a fully managed, efficient and proactive outsourced cloud management experience.

Service Onboarding

Onboarding and access to BUI Cloud Management Portal (CMP), BUI Managed Services Desk, BUI Azure Compliance Portal, Azure Lighthouse and Teams site for self-help, reporting and collaboration.

Best Practice Alignment

BUI will align your cloud environment to ensure best practice access management, networking, configuration, compliance and monitoring.

Tenant and Subscription Management

Unlimited growth opportunity with best practice conformity and piece of mind.


BUI will provide as-built documentation during the service contract period.

Tiered Cloud Management Services

Tiered service agreement based on your business objectives and requirements – from basic to advanced.

Account Managed

Managed by the BUI Cloud Managed Services Desk with tiered aligned Service Level Agreements. Unlimited escalations to Microsoft Support. Regular Service Feedback.

Service SLA

Standard service agreement for incident, event, change and problem management.

Advisory Services

Access to the BUI Azure, Networking, Security and Managed Services experts. BUI will monitor, evaluate and advise on existing and new Azure resource adoption, performance, security and compliance.

Visible Consumption and Consolidated Billing

Access, consolidate, report, evaluate and forecast your Azure Spend with BUI’s Cloud Management Portal self-help capabilities.

Cost Optimisation

From self-help to fully managed cost optimisation services, including Rightsizing, Hybrid Benefit, Workload Reduction, License optimization, Orphaned Objects

Proactive Monitoring

Templated alerting and monitoring utilising free/standard native monitoring tools. Tiered based Alert integration with BUI Managed Service Desk event management.

Cloud Backup, Recovery & Resiliency

From configuration to managed Backup and Recovery with basic to full participation disaster recovery testing.

Asset Management

Accessible and maintained Configuration Management Database of your cloud assets, updated real-time.

Infrastructure Configuration Management

From maintaining status quo to Azure IaaS Resource Configuration, Patch, Backup and Policy Management.
Database Health Checks and Performance Tuning
Azure Runbook Development and Scheduling.

Networking Configuration Management

From maintaining the status quo to managing your cloud Virtual Network(s), Connectivity, Express Route and VPN, Web Traffic, Third Party Security Virtual Appliances.

Security Management

Maintain BUI baseline security, anti-malware, antivirus, access control (RBAC, JIT/JE, MFA), security reviews and tiered security detection, hunting and breach recovery services.

Cloud Management Service Plans

The Right Management services available in four service tiers, namely:


BUI’s base-level service – offering you the perfect start to your a2zManaged Azure journey. We offer self-help reporting capability on Azure services and best practice recommendations.

The Bronze offering provides you with an operations baseline built using the Microsoft Azure Cloud Adoption Framework this provides you with a proven, structured approach to always ensure resource and operational consistency. We’re helping you achieve fast time to value while carefully managing your visibility, compliance, and availability.

Inventory and Visibility

Establish a defined inventory of assets. Develop visibility into the asset telemetry.

Operational Compliance

Manage configuration drift and standard. Apply management automation and controls.

Protect and Recover

Implement solutions to minimize performance interruptions and ensure rapid recovery when needed.


When you are ready to take your Azure services to the next level – a2zManaged Silver enhances the operations baseline from Bronze with expanded self-help tools, automated feedback and alerting, and the ability to log service request and incidents. a2zManaged Silver is ideal for customers with inhouse skills complimented by the BUI a2zManaged Teams.

Furthermore, the operations baseline included in the Bronze Service offering, clients should also investigate the implementation of an enhanced baseline, which builds on the three disciplines indicated previously and further enhances the operations baseline and can aid in further improvement of business components.

Our Silver Tier can be designed for your Azure cloud migration project or attached to any existing workload – no architectural changes are required and no impact on existing workload architectures.


The Gold Tier is our priority Azure Managed Services offering for customers who want BUI to manage their cloud resources with a defined service level agreement.

In this tier, priority is given to Platform and Workload Operations, where focus is given more towards production workloads and to your Windows Estate, on top of your Azure Environment. The Gold offering includes self-help tools, cost, performance, security and cloud compliance monitoring with full hands on reactive ITIL support.

Our Platform Operations improves the operations BUI performs for platforms such as WVD and SQL Server that support multiple workloads, whilst our Workload operations improves the operations for specific workloads and subscriptions that drive real business value.


Platinum, our premium Azure Managed Services offering for customers allows BUI to manage their cloud resources with a defined/custom service level agreement with additional monitoring, support and advanced configuration needs.

BUI will give dedicated proactive resources to your mission critical workloads for all your specific workload operations that drive your business to perform at its best, whilst with our platform expertise you can be certain that support is proactively managed and given to your Azure Environments and Windows Estates with the highest degree of criticality.

Implementation of both BUIs workload and platform operations principals will require design and architectural changes.

In the A2zmanaged Platinum offering a proactive stance is taken with, for example:

  • Rapid threat detection and remediation
  • Security Breach recovery
  • Customisation
  • Half-year security reviews

Workload specialisation consists of executing the following four process in an iterative, disciplined manner.

Improve system design

Improving the actual design of the workload to increase resiliency and minimize disruptions.

Automate remediation

For operations that require too much operational effort, these would be automated and these certain remediation activities would reduce downtime or even prevent service disruptions.

Scale the solution

Improvements to the system design and automated remediation can be scaled across the environment by making them a part of the systems catalog.

Continuous Improvement

Identify improvements as well as future improvement opportunities all of which can be incorporated as part of the next iteration of system design, automation, and scale.


Improved Cost Monitoring

BUI’s Cloud Management Portal provides on-demand usage costs with usage analytics to provide insights into Azure spend.

Compliant Cloud Environment

Alignment with cloud best practices, provides a compliant cloud environment controlled through policy with breach alerting.

Supported with Escalation to Microsoft

Tiered service agreements provides from incident reporting to full ITIL support services. BUI will escalate to Microsoft and manage the call on your behalf.

Monitoring and Metering

As-build configuration, network, security, compliance, performance and policy monitoring and metering with tiered alert management processes.

Optimised Cloud Operations

Proactive monitoring of performance and scale with tiered recommendation feedback sessions.

Self-service Governed Provisioning Templates

Access to the BUI Cloud Management Portal provides access to pre-defined provisioning templates to speed up the time to deploy, ensuring security, region and size compliance as defined by policy.

Tiered Service Agreement

Choose the level of support and management required to align with your business cloud objectives.

Advisory Services

Access to the BUI technical experts – Azure, Microsoft 365, Security, Networking and Managed Services in one service agreement.

If you're ready to ditch the dated managed services paradigm, we have the solution




Enjoy streamlined service onboarding processes.




Offering accessibility, visibility and alerting.




Accessible and up to date information.




Service desk backed by the Cloud Center of Excellence.

Streamlined Onboarding Processes


Onboarding BUI cloud managed services is achieved through a series of online and automated processes and scripts.  There are five distinct activities as per the flow diagram below.

  • 1

    Master Service Agreement

    Sign the BUI Master Service Agreement

  • 2

    Cloud Service Agreement

    Sign the BUI Cloud Service Agreement defining the service Tier and Service Levels

  • 3

    BUI Administrative Portal

    Onboarding defined cloud resources to the BUI MSP Administrative Portal for operational management

  • 4

    BUI Cloud Management Portal

    Onboarding defined cloud resources to the BUI CMP for cost- and performance management with self-help options

  • 5

    BUI Service Desk

    Onboarding to the BUI Service Desk, providing access to our Service Desk portal, reports and call logging facilities

Integrated Management Portals


The management of cloud services are achieved through the integration and automation of three distinct cloud environments – BUI Cloud Management Portal, Azure Lighthouse and BUI Service Desk.

Self-Service Capabilities


BUI provides a range of self-service features including:

  • Spent Analysis

  • Resource Utilisation Trends

  • Self-help Provisioning

  • Service Desk Ticket Creation

  • Service Feedback Dashboard

  • Knowledge Articles

  • PowerBI Compliance Dashboard

  • Interactive and Collaborative Microsoft Teams Site

Service Management


The BUI SLA Management methodology addresses eight key management principles.  Our key objective is to streamline our service delivery to achieve satisfactory and compliance service execution for our customers, based on agreed service tiers.


Cloud SLA
Account Management


BUI Standard Service SLA
BUI Security Baseline
BUI Cost Metrics
BUI Service and Performance Baseline


ITSM Service Desk
Continuous SLA/SLO Adherence
Issue Management
Contract Management


MSP Service Performance
SLA/SLO Compliance
Cost / Spent


MSP Service Desk Dashboard
Cloud Compliance Dashboard
Scheduled Service Feedback Report Pack


Areas for Improvement
Areas for Automation
Root Cause Analysis
Customer Satisfaction
SLA/SLO Adherence
Best Practice Recommendations


Service Feedback Meeting
Review Previous Action Items
Identify and add Action Items
MSP Service Desk Statistics
Spend Recommendation
Performance Recommendation
Security Recommendation


Manage Action List
Action Success or Failure
Reflect on Change Impact

Service Locations

BUI Managed Services Teams are spread over two major locations, servicing South Africa, MEA, United Kingdom and the United States of America.


Johannesburg, South Africa

3012 William Nicol Drive, Bryanston

Cape Town, South Africa

Harbour Bridge, Lower Long St, Cape Town City Centre