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Cloud Backup and Recovery

BUI’s Cloud Backup Managed Services Offering is an affordable, fully managed Cloud Backup as a Service solution (CBaaS). We eliminate your need for costly storage, backup management and maintenance.

Switching to a cloud-based backup solution is an important decision that requires a clear understanding of how such a solution will integrate into your business.  BUI is the right consultancy to answer your questions.


Business Outcomes

BUI’s Cloud Backup as a Service includes:

  • One-day workshop to assess your current back-up strategies, solution and needs
  • Present a cloud backup strategy aligned with your business scenarios
  • Delivery service management and weekly re-porting
  • Backup roadmap creation and quarterly reviews
  • Monthly backup statistics and adoption progress
  • Standard Support

Cost Efficient Cloud Backup Solution

Reduced Maintenance

Data Protection

Unified Application Availability

Offsite Backups and Operational Recovery

12-Month Managed Services

  • 1 Day – Existing Backup Strategy Assessment

    Workshops to assess current backup strategy and needs

  • 2 Days – Evaluate

    Evaluate needs, strategy, cost, platform and security

  • 2 Days – Planning

    Create the backup enablement timetable and a step-by-step recovery plan

  • 5 Days – Enable

    Azure backup service enablement and testing for identified servers

  • 12 Months – Backup Managed Services

    BUI Azure Managed Services standard support


Pricing Model

BUI BaaS is priced per server per month

Minimum Requirement

Offer based on a minimum of 10 servers and includes 1TB Azure Storage / Server initial backup and caters for 500GB Azure storage incremental growth / month.


If the requirements are outside the defined bounds of the offer additional compute and storage can be charged separately. For complex multi layered environments additional workshops and planning might be required and BUI will treat this as a once-off project.

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